What's more, it also includes a book, an essential element to complete the tribute to the team and its history.

The collection as a whole immerses the soccer fan in the history of one of Spain's most emblematic clubs.

It contains two formats: the Limited Edition and the Collector's Edition.

LA VIDA EN VERDE - Leyendas y Héroes Béticos, is a gift for one of the best known clubs in Spain, Real Betis Balompié.

Launched by Mundicromo, and in line with the Sevillian club, it reviews the best players who have worn the green and white shirt.

This high-end Football Legends series product offers high-value cards that are a must-have for sports card collectors and items for more traditional soccer fans and collectors.

Starter Pack

Each Starter Pack contains 15 cards and the possibility of adding the Limited Edition book

The base card set includes:

  • 15 limited edition random cards
  • 1 Metalcard®
  • 1 Limited Edition Book
  • Possibility of Memorabilia or On Card Autograph (1/5)

Limited Edition

Numbered from 1 to 2,000, each Limited Edition contains a 48-page book and 81 cards.

The card base set includes:

  • 50 Holographic cards
  • 21 Gold Hybrid cards

Guaranteed short-print chase cards:

  • 8 Metalcards®
  • 1 numbered Autographs or Memorabilia card
  • 1 numbered Parallel card

Collector’s Edition

Numbered from 1 to 150, each Collector's Edition contains a 52-page hardcover book and 185 cards

The card base set includes:

  • 50 Holographic cards
  • 21 Gold Hybrid cards 
  • 40 Metalcards®
  • 50 limited edition Holographic Parallels 

Guaranteed short-print chase cards:

  • 5 Limited Edition Metalcards® 
  • 8 numbered Autographs or Memorabilia cards (at least 1 of each guaranteed)
  • 11 numbered Parallel cards

The book: A key collector's item

Both the Limited Edition and the Collector's Edition contain the history of one of the most emblematic clubs in LaLiga . 

A book of 48 pages for the Limited Edition and 52 pages for the Collector's Edition, with a finish to match this collection. It reviews the sweetest and bitter moments of the club, the players with a Betis soul and the goals that made a whole stadium scream with pride.

The book is a collector's item in itself. In it you will find an exhaustive review of its history, from its beginnings in 1907 to the present day.  

A reminder of the titles the club has won and the players who played for the club and lifted the trophies. 

The most epic matches that the club has won, the most emblematic presidents and coaches... 

Discover the subsets

1. Base cards

They talk about the history of the club and its most emblematic players and coaching staff, and they include:


  • Mitos Béticos
  • Idols
  • Heroes
  • Champions

Gold Hybrid

  • World Champions
  • Los Presidentes
  • Legendary Managers
  • Heritage
  • Los Béticos

2. Metalcards ®


  • Epic Matches
  • Top Goals
  • Top Goalkeepers
  • Top Internationals
  • Bético Eterno
  • Legends

Limited Edition Metalcards®

  • Top Players - La vida en verde
  • Verde Esperanza
  • Los Béticos
  • Pichichi y Zamora

3. Memorabilia

Memorabilia cards are the most precious cards in any collection. Each one of them holds a piece of history, something physical that evokes indelible memories.

The kits worn by the players who have marked an era in the club's history can now be yours.

4. Parallel cards

Reproductions of specific subjects with different features or on alternative materials.

Holographic Parallels

Included in our Limited Edition format

Holographic base cards printed on a different material.

Numbered Parallels

Included in both

They reproduce some of the Holographic base cards, are printed on a different material in a variety of colours. They come in numbered versions of 50 to 1 copies depending on the colour variant (from the most common black to the rarest green).

5. On-card Autographs

Our On-card Autographs are created with the most emblematic players who have been or are part of Betis. 

With their handmade signatures, they are objects of precious value.

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