Mundicromo: an exciting brand with a rich legacy

Mundicromo is the company known for its groundbreaking La Liga trading cards featuring coveted rookie cards of legendary players like Lionel Messi, along with sought-after cards of icons such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, and all the great champions who graced La Liga until 2016.

With a deep respect for its own heritage, a passion for the art of collecting and over 30 years of experience, today Mundicromo aims to add a fresh voice to the trading card experience, offering collectors a unique perspective and new opportunities to explore their passion.

At Mundicromo, we are specialized in producing limited and numbered editions of high-end trading cards, designed to captivate collectors with their exclusivity and remarkable features. Our products boast a range of inserts and parallels, on-card autographs, and astonishing memorabilia.

Limited and Numbered Editions

We understand the allure of rarity in the world of trading cards. That's why each of our products is released in limited and numbered quantities to ensure that collectors possess an exclusive collectible. These limited editions not only offer exclusivity but also enhance the investment value and prestige of our trading cards.



Partnerships with Museums and Teams

At Mundicromo, we believe that collaboration enriches the trading card experience. By partnering with renowned museums and teams, we ensure that our trading card sets offer a unique and immersive exploration of each theme. 

These collaborations allow us to access exclusive content, artifacts, and insights, elevating the collectible experience to new heights.

We strive to provide collectors with insightful narratives, historical context, and captivating content thanks to our museum partnerships and to the expertise of our publishing director who acted as the director of Museo della Figurina the only public museum dedicated to the history of cards and stickers.



Football Legend Series

Our Football Legend Series stands as a testament to our commitment to the rich history and legacy of European football. Through this series, we celebrate iconic teams that have shaped the landscape of the sport. With meticulous attention to detail, we curate sets that capture the essence and significance of these legends, providing collectors with a comprehensive and captivating look at the teams' triumphs, iconic players, and unforgettable moments.



Inserts and Parallels

Mundicromo take pride in offering collectors an array of captivating inserts and parallels. These special cards go beyond the base set, featuring limited and numbered designs, special finishes, and exciting content.



On-Card Autographs

We recognize the immense value and desirability of authentic autographs. That's why we prioritize on-card autographs in our trading card releases. By collaborating with celebrated athletes, artists, and influencers, we offer collectors the opportunity to own a piece of history, directly penned by their favorite icons.



Amazing Memorabilia

We incorporate extraordinary memorabilia into our trading cards. Whether it's pieces of game-worn jerseys, equipment, or other significant artifacts, our memorabilia cards provide a tangible connection to the world of sports and entertainment. These remarkable additions bring a sense of awe and value to our products, making them truly one-of-ones.



Illustrated books

Our commitment is to create trading card sets that are not only visually stunning but also rich in historical and cultural significance. To complement our trading card sets, we enhance the collector's experience by including an accompanying illustrated book. The combination of visually captivating cards and an immersive illustrated book ensures that collectors have a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the theme, making Mundicromo's offerings truly exceptional.



Commitment to Quality and Excellence

Quality and excellence are the cornerstones of our brand. We meticulously source premium materials, employ cutting-edge printing techniques, and collaborate with industry-leading companies to ensure that every card we produce meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Looking Ahead:

As we build upon the rich heritage of Mundicromo, we will continue to push the boundaries of creativity, collaborating with renowned athletes, artists, and licensors to deliver extraordinary limited edition releases. Our mission is to provide collectors with exceptional and memorable trading card experiences that transcend expectations and inspire passionate connections.

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